St. Augustine's Catholic Church

601 NW 2nd Avenue

Cohasset, Minnesota  55721

Parish Phone:  218-999-5491 

Business Office is located at St. Joseph's:  218-326-2843


Public Mass is suspended in the Diocese of Duluth.
Stream Father Seth Live Mass Daily at:

Reconciliation will be available as following:

  • Wednesdays at 6 PM, and Saturdays at 11 AM.  
  • The Saturday 4 PM confessions will be moved to St. Augustine’s.
  • We will not have Sunday morning confessions during this time. 

I will remain in the confessional for 45 minutes no matter what, but I will stay in the confessional as long as the line continues. More confession times will be posted for Holy Week.  The confessional at St. Joseph’s has been rearranged to allow for social distancing, but due to the size of the confessional at St. Augustine’s all confessions there will be behind the screen. 

Take advantage of this Sacrament to encounter the Love and Mercy of Jesus.

If you or someone you know is in need of receiving the Anointing of the Sick – especially when the person is in danger of death – call the office and choose my extension (19), there is a phone number on my voicemail in case of emergencies. 

Know of my prayers for all of you. Father Seth


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St. Augustine's Catholic Church is located at 601 Second Avenue NW in Cohasset, MN. When traveling East or West on Highway 2, just turn North at the stoplight by the Super America station. We are just two blocks up the road



The congregation of St. Augustine's Catholic Church welcomes you to our web site, but we'd rather meet you in person! Not unlike the patron Saint whose name we bear, the parishioners of St. Augustine's are a friendly, accepting and outgoing group who welcome friends and visitors alike. Come share a Sunday service with us, then join us for the worlds best cup of coffee and homemade treats afterward. It's not the inside of heaven's gates - but it's the next best thing!


Marlene Cole, Stuart Boelter

Parish Council Members:

Jason Boser, Gary Gibeau, Rachael Guertin, Tony Neururer, Penny O'Brien, and Duane Stangler

Finance Council Members: Teresa DeVries, Dan Fiala, Minday O'Brien, Josey Varberg, LIsa Yurrick
Prayer Chain: Contact Marlene Cole
Maintenance:  Mike Radermacher  259-8478
Religious Education: Contact Penny O'Brien at (218) 999-5766.
Council of Catholic Women: Lisa Neururer
Baptisms & Weddings: Fr. Gogolin 

Please contact the parish office using Ext. #19 for Father Seth;  Emergency contact info will be available on his voice mail if they are not available in office.


Cohasset began as a railway village in Bass Brook township that was named in honor of a city by the same name in Massachussets. In 1892 the Cohasset post office was established and 10 years later in 1902, the village was incorporated. St. Augustine's Catholic Church is over 100 years old with a proud history dating back to those earliest days of the city of Cohasset.•1906
 Father Louis Buechler celebrated Mass at the home of Morris O'Brien in Cohasset.

•1906- 1911
 Father A Turbiaux was the first priest to celebrate Mass on a regular schedule at Cohasset. He would come from Grand Rapids once a month.

•July 1908
 A fund was started and money raised for a church building in Cohasset.

•July 29, 1908
 St Augustine's Parish is incorporated. Father Turbiaux is pastor, P. Hoolihan is Treasurer.

•December 1909
 Construction of the new church building is completed and the first Mass is held in the new building. Cost of the new church is $2,410.56. This building was located one block east of the present church.

•June 1965
 Work begins on the present-day church building. Father John C Nicholson is pastor.

•July 10, 1966
 The new St. Augustine's church building is dedicated. The cost of the new building is $100,000. A 'time capsule' is placed into the outer wall of the church containing articles of the day encased in a copper box.

•Summer 1982
 Addition of a social hall at the back of the church begins.
 Construction is finished in October.

•July 26, 2008
 St. Augustines Catholic Church celebrates it's Centennial with  an open house dinner and special Saturday Mass. Bishop Dennis M.  Schnurr presiding with pastor Paul Larson.

Get Involved

There are many areas in our church that a parishioner
 can get involved:


Being involved is an excellent way to give something of yourself. It takes very little of your time but is greatly appreciated by all members of the parish. It is what makes our little church community work in a big way!