Respect for Life

The Respect for Life Mission seeks to foster greater respect for life from conception until natural death, through prayer, education and public awareness.  Abortions are legal from conception to birth and for any reason in our country and much of the western world.

The elderly and disabled are devalued because society makes judgments based on their perception the individual's quality of life, when we are all of equal value in the eyes of God.  Jesus Christ himself demonstrated particular compassion for children, the disabled and the elderly.  We are called to do likewise;  to defend those who are least able to defend themselves.  That is the mission of the Catholic Church and ours as well.

Because respect for life finds its most fertile ground in good family life, we assist parents to learn about the related issues and challenges so that they can foster basic values in their children, including protecting the sanctity of the marriage and beyond.

Look to the bulletin for upcoming Respect for Life events and opportunities.  Feel free to call Jim Uzelac or Catherine McLynn for any questions you may have.

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