Faith Formation Pre-K through Grade 5

Our Mission, guided by the Holy Spirit, is to cultivate the seeds of Catholic Faith, honor the presence of God in each life, nurture a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and foster discipleship.

We have a lively and growing religious education program for young parishioners from elementary school to high school.  The youth and faith formation directors work with volunteers to provide classroom sessions, community-service projects and social activities for students.  Mandy Foss is our Director of Faith Formation for Preschool – Grade 5.

Preschool-2nd Grade Children’s Church

PreK thru Grade - Children's Church: This program is held at 9:15am between our Sunday Masses.  Stay after 8am with your kids - or bring them early and attend 10:30am.  There is also a Parent Track held at 9:15am where you can learn and meet other families in the parish with same age kids!    Volunteer opportunities to teach class are available!

3rd -5th Grade Release Time

These students are released from school and come to church for class beginning at 12:50-5pm.   This year - students will REMAIN AT THE PARISH until 5pm for parents to pick up children here at Church - Class is held until 2:30pm, 2x month - 2:30-5pm offers kids a chance for snack, play and service projects!  Dinner is served beginning at 4:45pm - pick up and have dinner here at Church!  Volunteer opportunities to teach class 12:30-2:30, or help out in the afternoons with service and fun from 2:30pm-5pm. 

2nd Grade Sacramental Preparation

This is a program for children preparing to receive their First Reconciliation and Communion.  The children attend weekly classes, Prayer Center and Bread Day Workshops and are attended with their parents.  First Holy Communion is received as a group typically the last Sunday in April. This year it will be held on Sunday, May 5, 2020.   Volunteer opportunities include help with both workshops.

Mandy Foss, Director of Faith Formation for Grades Pre-K thru GR. 5. 
Mandy can be reached by calling 326-1663 x 15


Fall 2020

Hello Faith Formation Families! 

Mandy and I want to welcome you all back!  We have missed you terribly and are excited to be able to announce that we have plans for Faith Formation for the 2020-21 school year.  It is so exciting to be able to announce finally that registration is open! 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has become a factor in every part of our lives and faith formation is no exception.  Please read carefully as nothing about our programs is business as usual.  We apologize in advance for the length of this letter, but we have a lot of ground to cover, so please bear with us. 

We will begin the year with a hybrid model for all grades.  This means that the elementary grades will meet on alternating Sunday mornings and the middle school/high school grades will meet on alternating Wednesday evenings.  This allows us to meet with a smaller number of students at a time, maintain social distancing, and not disrupt the cleaning procedures downstairs in our school.  There is a calendar attached with all the dates/times listed at a glance. 

We will continue with this hybrid plan unless/until the public schools move to distance learning.  If/when the public middle school/high school grades move to strictly distance learning, then we will too.  Same with elementary grades.   

We are aware that there are some families that will not choose to return to classes in person.  When you register, you need to choose whether you would like to attend in-person or online only.  This helps us to plan for how many students we can expect to see each week.  

In regards to COVID safety protocols, here is what we have laid out, based upon state and diocesan guidelines.  These guidelines apply to students in all age groups. 

  • Students should come to the Social Hall at the beginning of each class session and check in. 
  • We are required to wear masks while inside.  The state and diocesan mask policies both provide exemptions for those with medical reasons for not wearing masks.  When it comes to exemptions for masks/face coverings, we will follow the guidelines of the public school.  Essentially, if your child wears a mask at school, they should wear one here too.  If your child has an exemption to not wear a mask at school, then that applies here as well. 
  • We will not be checking temperatures or doing any other health screening.  Much like the public schools, we ask parents to monitor their kids and keep them home if they are sick.  That said, especially as we move into fall and cold & flu season, and your child is sick and needs to miss a class, we appreciate the courtesy of a quick message that they will not be here and why.  A simple “Susie was home sick today with a stomach bug” will be greatly appreciated.   
  • If your child or another member of your household is diagnosed with COVID, please notify the church so we can take the appropriate measures.  Your family’s information is confidential of course. 
  • If there is a confirmed case of COVID, we will have to move to online only classes as per the CDC guidelines for quarantine of a particular group.  This means that if we have a 7th grade student who tests positive for COVID, we will have to suspend in-person middle school classes for two weeks.  Online classes will continue to be available.  

For students in preschool through 2nd grade, you have the fewest changes. 

  • The biggest change for you is that you will meet in person twice per month, and have an online lesson on the opposite weeks.   
  • Children's Church will still meet from 9:15-10:15 am.  Classes will be held in the social hall instead of downstairs in the school. 

For students in grades 3-5, your classes will look very different from the past few years. 

  • Your classes will be held on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15 pm, not during the afternoon on Wednesdays. 
  • Classes will meet twice per month on the opposite weeks of Children’s Church. 

For students in grades 6-11, our Wednesday nights will look different than you are used to. 

  • We will not be able to provide a parish meal.  If your kids are coming straight from practice to church, please have them eat before they get here. 
  • We will not have access to the gym.  We did buy a 9-square game (like they have at Big Sandy) and the field is open if students want to play outside a bit before classes begin. 
  • Students will be given an assignment to complete at home for the weeks when their class does not meet in person.  We will mostly be sending home the assignment in the form of a family project/lesson.  Each lesson will be due back the following week.  If you had a child in the grade 6-12 program last spring, you are familiar with this style of assignment. 
  • If you choose the online option, or need to make up a class, all the materials from Wednesday night will be posted by noon on Thursday.  Students will have the entire week to complete the work and turn it in by the following Wednesday. This will be the procedure in the event we must move to all online classes as well. 

Again, sorry this is long, but we want to make sure everybody knows what is happening with our faith formation programs this year.  If you have any questions, please contact either Lisa or Mandy.  We look forward to seeing all of you again soon!   

Please register online at:

God bless, 

Lisa & Mandy


Fee is $50 per student or $80 maximum for entire family.
No one is turned away - Please feel free to contact Mandy with any questions you may have.

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