Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors

Thank you for your ministry at St. Joseph's Church. We are thankful for each and every one of you who serve in this ministry at our weekend liturgies. 
Below you'll find our Schedules spanning from May 7 - August 31. If you are not available for the time you've been scheduled, you are responsible for finding your own sub. This is a change from the past where we would first ask for your availability. The sub lists for Summer 2022 are also listed below.
You'll see that this schedule does look different - the hope is that it is easier to read and locate your scheduled date.
Thank and you and may God Bless you!

Click on Links below for Current Schedules

Eucharistic Minister of Holy Communion

EM Schedule May 7 - August 31

EM Sub List Summer 2022

Eucharistic Minister Training Doc


Lector Schedule May 7 - August 31

Lector Sub List Summer 2022

Lector Training Doc