Faith Formation Grades 6-11

Our Mission, guided by the Holy Spirit, is to cultivate the seeds of Catholic Faith, honor the presence of God in each life, nurture a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and foster discipleship.

We have a lively and growing faith formation program for young parishioners from elementary school to high school.  The faith formation directors work with volunteers to provide classroom sessions, community-service projects and social activities for students.

Fee is $50 per student or $80 maximum for entire family.
No one is turned away - Please feel free to contact Lisa with any questions you may have.

Links you will need:

2021-22 Faith Formation Schedule. Print out and hang on the fridge

Register your child(ren) for 2021/2022 Faith Formation Program

Once you register, please use this link to pay for your family.

6-11th Grade

All of our programming is held on Wednesday evenings from October thru April—and your family is invited to Dinner prior to Class!  Mass will be held at 5:30pm and Reconciliation is also available beginning at 6pm.    Bringing us all together offers us a great opportunity to meet one another, share a meal, and all be part of this awesome faith community.  Small Groups and Adoration are held from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.  Parents are always welcome and encouraged to join us for Adoration from 8:10-8:30.  Every 4th Wednesday our Adoration time is spent praying the rosary together as a large group.  Just come a little early to pick your kids up and join us in the church.  We have lots of extra prayer cards and rosaries for you.


9th--11th Grade Confirmation Preparation Curriculum is included in the Faith Formation Program -

Our Confirmation program is 2 full years of prep in 9th and 10th grade, with the final few sessions happening early in the 11th grade year and Confirmation a little later in the fall.

Our focus in 9th grade is the Theology of the Body.  The primary curriculum for this is the “YOU” series by Ascension Press.  There is a heavy focus on who we are as children of God.  We spend a lot of time talking about human relationships and how to have relationships with others in the way that God intended.  This material is vital preparation for not only the Sacrament of Confirmation, but for living out our Catholic faith as adults.

The primary curriculum for 10th grade is based upon the “Chosen” series by Ascension Press.  We build off what they learned about relationships in 9th grade and dive deeper into the importance of the Sacraments, and how to live an authentically Catholic life.  We ask the question,”Who did God create you to be?”  We talk about the practical matters of getting to Mass, going to Confession, sharing our faith with others and also how to date virtuously.

The goal for our students is to develop a personal relationship with God.  We hope to accomplish this through consistent Mass attendance and prayer life, along with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  Supportive relationships with other members of our Catholic community emerge through small group interaction with their Discipleship Leaders.  The Confirmands serve in the community through mission hours, service projects, and mission trips.  They also attend a weekend Confirmation Retreat organized by the Diocese of Duluth.    Families are also encouraged to take an active role in preparing their Confirmands for the Sacrament of Confirmation through volunteering to help with the program or attending the final preparation sessions alongside their children allowing them to share in the experience together. 


Confirmation Retreats for Sophomores

All current Sophomores  are required to attend one of the two confirmation retreats offered THIS YEAR (This year’s freshman must attend a Confirmation retreat next year as sophomores).  Every candidate must attend the ENTIRE retreat.  There is no “arriving late” or “leaving early” permitted—No  Exceptions!.  The registration fee for this retreat is paid online when you register. Registration is at There are 2 dates and locations to choose from.  They run approximately. 6:00 PM on Friday to noon on Sunday.

11th & 12th Grade Post Confirmation Youth Group

We have a group of confirmed teens who meet during our Wednesday evening Faith Formation time beginning at 6:30 pm and ending at 8:30 pm.  If you are a high school junior or senior who is confirmed, this group is for you.  Come chat with some other teens about how to live our faith while navigating high school.  You are welcome to join us for dinner in the social hall before the group begins.  Meets in the Youth Room downstairs.  


Youth Ministry

A lot happens for our youth here at St. Joseph’s in addition to the scheduled programs listed.  Highlights include trips to Valley Fair, retreats, bowling, snow tubing, and other adventures for our youth to share time together.  These events are offered various times throughout the year. We are also very involved in Diocesan Youth Activities. These are a great way for our youth to meet and develop friendships with other young Catholics in northeast Minnesota.  If you are wondering how you can get involved, we always need an extra parent or two to chaperone and drive for our adventures. If your passion revolves around the youth of our parish, this may be just for you!!   New ideas are always welcome!

CONTACT Lisa Neary, Director of Faith Formation for Grades 6-12 by calling 326-1663 x 11

Grades 6-8 Middle School Remind Group:

Grades 9 & 10 High School Remind Group:

Grade 11 Confirmation Group:

Find our youth Facebook page by searching  St. Joseph Catholic Youth Group Grand Rapids MN or use this link:

Below are links to faith formation and confirmation documents/forms offering important information:

9th Grade Confirmation Policy Agreement - to be signed by youth and parent

Application for the Reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation 20-21

Confirmation Name, Saint Name and Sponsor Form 20-21

Letter to the Bishop - Sample

Letter to the bishop - Instructions

Mission Hour Documentation/Log Sheet

Mission Hour Guide and Suggestions