Child Protection Task Force

The Child Protection Task Force was formed in the spring of 2002 and seeks to prevent and heal child sexual abuse in our community.  The mission is "To work for protection and healing from childhood sexual abuse, within our parish, community and diocese".  Its work includes creating new initiatives as well as forming partnerships with other community groups whose work is education, awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse.  Members meet monthly (at our church) and are comprised of parishioners, staff, professionals, and community leaders.


St. Joseph's Child Protection Task Force


  • Civil Authorities:  Grand Rapids Police Department at 218-326-3464 or Itasca County Sheriff's Department at 218-326-3477
  • Area Support Services:  Support Within Reach at 218-326-5008 -- Support Within Reach Crisis Line at 800-747-5008 -- First Call for Help #211 or 800-442-8565
  • The Diocese of Duluth (218) 724-9111  or
  • A diocesan assistance coordinator:  Mr. Tab Baumgartner (218)726-5495—Mrs. Dayle Peterson (218)786-4056  Mrs. Esther Reagan (218)820-9220

While diocesan representatives are open to receiving your complaint, you may feel more comfortable contacting civil authorities.  Please call the diocesan officials to respond to the harm you or someone you know has experienced from a person in a position of trust.  They sincerely want to listen and address the hurt that may have occurred because of the improper exercise of pastoral care.   

 “Today we pray for all those affected by abuse and those that support victims including families, friends, St. Joseph’s Child Protection Task Force and Support Within Reach.” If you feel you need support, we encourage you to contact Support Within Reach 326-5008.



St. Joseph's Policy for the Protection of Children and Young People

Developed by the Child Protection Task Force

With resources gathered from other Catholic and Protestant churches, the public schools and other organizations, the CPTF members drafted a policy that would complement that of the Diocese of Duluth and be unique to this parish. The diocese Youth Protection Training program, St. Joseph's Safe Policy, and a background check are required for all personnel and volunteers working with youth at St. Joseph's school and parish.


Healing the Broken Heart Service

Adapted and customized by the Child Protection Task Force for St. Joseph's Catholic Community

Using the format of a healing service for survivors of sexual abuse first presented in Cleveland, Ohio, the Healing the Broken Heart service was initiated at St. Joseph's during Lent in 2004. Open to the public, the invitation to attend was directed to abuse survivors, their families and friends, all who have been hurt by the betrayal of abuse, all of us who seek forgiveness and healing, and for all who love the broken Body of Christ. Healing The Broken Heart is offered annually during Lent at a church location in Grand Rapids.

Community Resource Guide

Developed by the Child Protection Task Force

Created, published and distributed in the Grand Rapids area, this guide lists contact numbers for Support Within Reach, area therapists experienced in providing information, support, and education concerning sexual abuse and assault, and contact information for three lay people identified as Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinators.


For more information and to download PDF versions click below or call 218-322-4592

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